Exploring Europe by train is more fun with free roaming. Voice + text + data.


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If you’ve already bought your InterRail Global Pass you’re now ready for the excitement of exploring Europe, discovering new cultures, making friends and having fun! We are giving away 2,500 InterRail Roaming SIM Cards so you can use the internet for travel planning, call friends or family and use Social Media to share your travel experiences. Apply now for your free SIM Card while stocks last!

If you don’t have an InterRail Global Pass yet, please buy one first, before applying for your InterRail Roaming SIM Card. See here for more information on where to buy.

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What will I get? - InterRail Roaming Advantages

You will receive a SIM Card with a +44 phone number, which gives you many advantages:

Free unlimited incoming calls + 180 minutes of Wifi access in Premium Hotspots. 40 Mb of 3G data OR 60 minutes of calls OR 200 text messages.

You are free to choose how you want to use your credit!

About InterRail Roaming services

Sounds great,
how can I get a SIM Card?

To apply for an InterRail Roaming SIM Card, please
fill in the registration or connect directly via Facebook.

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I am an iPhone 5 user (nano SIM)
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In order to verify that you are a genuine InterRail customer, we will ask for your pass details (and a photo of your pass or an image of the invoice). Don’t worry if you don’t have it handy, you can skip this step now and do it later (you’ll get an email to remind you). Once we have all your details, you’ll be registered for this promotion.

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